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We created the industry standard for qualified, live transfers in debt resolution industries.

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We work with your eligibility criteria to find prospects with the highest enrollment probability.

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If you ever receive a lead which was not properly verified by one of our Agents – we will replace the lead!

What we Do

Live Phone Transfers For Debt Resolution Companies

Debt Settlement Transfers

Debt Relief regulations have changed the operating methods of debt settlement companies, but the demand for debt settlement is at it’s all time highest.

Tax Settlement Transfers

Excessive tax debt is the last thing anyone needs in this harsh economy. If you can help these clients with a sensible tax settlement solution we are ready to live transfer them to you.

Debt Consolidation Transfers

Debt burdens can weigh heavy on your prospective customer’s minds. Everyday people worry about their financial future and how they can get a handle on skyrocketing debt. Debt Consolidation is a great option for your customers, although finding the right quantity and quality of these customers is challenging.