Build customer loyalty through great customer service experiences.


Inbound Call Center Overview

Creating rewarding customer experiences begins with your customers reaching the right agent, in the fastest amount of time possible. Your agents receive customer information the moment a call comes in.

Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) makes every customer call count by increase first call resolution rates.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We have all experienced the frustration of automated systems taking our calls and after several prompts not making it any closer to a call resolution. In these cases most people will seek to bypass the system all together by pressing 0.

With Call Center Gateway’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system we make it easy to design a self-service system that recognizes a clients voice, and walks the client through the system intuitively enabling higher first call resolution rates.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) enables calls to be routed intelligently to the appropriate agent. High call volume contact centers who require routing rules will find both simplicity and accuracy in our platform.