Outbound Call Centers

Triple agent productivity even before they receive the call! The Call Center Gateway Predictive dialer screens out answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers, and fax machines. Your agents receive a continual flow of live connections. The system automatically adjusts dialing rates based on agent availability.

Inbound Call Centers

Creating rewarding customer experiences begins with your customers reaching the right agent, in the fastest amount of time possible. Your agents receive customer information the moment a call comes in. Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) makes every customer call count by increase first call resolution rates.

Blended Call Centers

The Client Connect Platform is a full suite of products & services included with every plan. We include the “Paid Upgrades” typically offered by our competitors – at no additional cost. Our single, unified platform seamlessly blends the services you need to operate an inbound, outbound, or blended call center.